Mobile ATM's

Considering an ATM for your fair, festival, or carnival? Consider this first... ATM Management provides a full service mobile ATM program. No phone bills, no tying up your money, no charge for labor, no charge for parts. Become an event host location and earn commissions on every transaction. Your event goers will not only see the mobile ATM as a convenience but they will spend more money at your event thus making your event more profitable.

What benefits would a Mobile ATM have at your event?

ATM Management's Mobile ATM is the latest in state of the art technology.

ATM Management's self-contained mobile ATM unit comes equipped with everything needed to operate flawlessly. It has its own power supply, it is equipped with cellular modem telephones with boosters inside each machine. It is also armed with an alarm system and a tracking device for added security. This allows us to place our self-contained mobile ATM anywhere throughout your event.

ATM Management handles every aspect of the ATM process beginning with the initial installation, supplying funds and cash monitoring. Our unique monitoring system notifies us when funds become low or when there may be a technical malfunction. This allows us to keep the machine functional and running error free throughout the entire event.

Studies have shown that 80% of cash dispensed from ATMs are spent at the event!!! This will help increase sales and the ability to make your event more profitable!!!


ATM Management charges a standard fee of $3.50 per transaction.  
A set up fee of $125.00 will be charged to all events.  


To draw the attention of the event goers, we provide a variety of signs to advertise to give maximum exposure to the mobile ATM unit.


Technical support will be serviced and maintained by ATM Management.
Technical service is available from 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. seven days a week. All calls received after 9 P.M. will be handled the following day. Service contact number for ATM Management is posted on each machine to ensure quality service


ATM Management and their ISO PAI, stand strongly behind their commitment to service. In the event any discrepancies may occur; the customer should contact PAI directly. The telephone number for PAI is located on the machine. Any discrepancies will be handled directly by PAI and not the proprietor of the establishment. When PAI is contacted, they immediately debit ATM Management's account until the discrepancy has been resolved.


Acts of vandalism done to ATM signs, ATM machines or stolen money are the sole responsibility of ATM Management. All other damage incurred is the responsibility of the establishment proprietor. ATM Management carries a (2,000,000.00) two million dollar insurance policy. Certificates of insurance can be provided upon request.

ATM Management Machines are used for:

  • Courthouse ATMs
  • Mall ATMs
  • Hospital ATMs
  • Hotels ATMs
  • Tavern ATMs
  • Bank ATMs
  • College ATMs
  • Flea Market ATMs
  • Beer Distributor ATMs
  • Convenience Store ATMs
  • Stadium ATMs
  • Parking Garage ATMs
  • Laundromat ATMs
  • Swimming Pool ATMs
  • Golf Course ATMs
  • Fire Hall ATMs
  • Service Station ATMs
  • Beer Dist. ATMs


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